Lobster Grand Five LE – Battery Powered Tennis Ball Machine

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  • ​12 Pre-set Programs instead of 6
  • Create your own 6 ball drills using 18 spots from either the baseline, mid court or around the service box.
  • Weight: 20kg
Warranty Standard Parts & Labour
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Lobster Elite Value Pack $449

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Lobster Grand Five LE – Remote Control Included

What makes the Grand 5 LE tennis ball machine so cutting edge? You can customize your own drills to an incredible 18 locations on the tennis court which makes it our most versatile portable ball machine on the market and a world first on a battery operated ball machine.

Imagine customizing the exact location, the exact ball speed, the exact spin and trajectory for each shot and then saving that into your personalised drill settings….simply brilliant! Or you can enjoy choosing from a massive 12 pre-programmed 6 shot drills that can test even the best tour players.

For the operation of the tennis machine while “on the fly”, the Grand V LE has an optional 20-function wireless remote control that can be added to the machine! The state-of-the-art compact controller allows you to adjust almost every function of the ball machine with just a push of a button. Enjoy instantaneous changes in functionality like; play/pause, oscillation sweep, fully random, 3-line, speed, feed, spin, and much more. Or optimise the machine with the cutting edge Wi-Fi function and turn your smartphone into the most sophisticated ball machine remote control in the world!

Product Details:

Pre-loaded drills: power baseliner, all-courter, grinder, moonballer, slicer, lefty
Oscillation: random horizontal, random vertical, fully random, horizontal & vertical
2-line function: narrow, medium, wide
Spin: top, back
Ball speed: 56 to 130 km/h
Feed rate: 2-9 seconds
Elevation: electronic, 0-60 degrees
Ball capacity: 150
Power: battery
Court time: 4-8 hours
Standard charger: included
Premium charger: optional
Remote: optional
Weight: 20 Kg
Warranty: 3 years
Product #: EL05

Advanced To Professional

This is where the lobster range starts to leave its competitors way behind. With upgradable computer software and up to 12 pre-set drills that are designed to challenge players of any level.

You also have the ability to design your very own 6 shot programs with up to 18 different spots on the court where you want to ball to land. You can even turn your iPhone or Android Phone into a 20 function remote control.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg


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